Created fall 2016 — spring 2017

In my series of badges I create embroidered patches and brooches with abstract geometric forms. They are not supposed to look like anything specific so that the wearer can decide what they want the badge to represent.
Machine embroidery is usually made with almost only plastic components (thread, fabric, stabilizer, fray fix etc) and I wanted to develop a completely natural alternative. I was only able to find white tencel thread so I added colour by patchworking fabric scraps and dyeing the thread with plant dyes.
A hand or a portion of french fries.. Made with fabric scraps from the Bark shirt and Waffle jumper
This badge is filled with cardboard and recycled plastic foam from Kunst Stoffe and has a tiny pocket in the back.
Kate wears two badges and a top from her own collection.
Dip-dyed in turmeric.
Assembling the patchwork of fabric scraps.
An early attempt at dyeing with avocado pits and turmeric.
Thread and fabric freshly dyed with black walnuts.
I found lots of black walnuts in a local park.
Badges embroidered directly on the Hihals pullover with walnut-dyed thread.



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