Sweaters for Squares

Created October — 2017

A series of clothes designed for a 55 x 55 x 10 cm square.

In a world where no one really needs more clothes, making fashion has become about creating desires, specifically a desire to be like the person modeling the clothes.
By designing fashion for a non-human shape and in doing so supposedly creating a desire to be a square, I wanted to illustrate just how out of reach beauty standards of the fashion industry are from everyday people.
Zip-up jumper with all-around pink zigzag in hemp/organic cotton mix.
Walnut-dyed organic cotton fleece with raw edges.
The title of the project is a nod to its intended presentation platform Instagram, where design objects no longer need to follow established rules for what constitutes a good product (such as usability or quality), but will be deemed successful so long as the pictures are pretty and it gets a lot of likes.
Cube shaped crop-top with wavy hem.

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